tennis scores for everyone !
On the court,
enter your score with easy smartphone - or tablet app:
and view it simultaneously on this platform,
with many many other spectators, too ...
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3 7 3
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General terms of agreement

The service for VIP and PREMIUM takes effect immediatly after payment.

LIVE-SCORE.CLICK guarantees the full access to the website 24h/24h and a technical reliability of about 98%. The customers informatic installation has to be of proven quality to enable the correct handling of the website. LIVE-SCORE.CLICK guarantees the respect of the secret on the database and promises never to use these data for other purposes than required.

Duration of the contract
The VIP and PREMIUM contract are valid for a duration of one year, valid up from registration date.

Billing conditions
Payments via PAYPAL or VISA are required.

Cancelling of the contract
The VIP and PREMIUM contracts are closed for 1 year and no earlier cancelling possible.

Cancelling of the contract by LIVE-SCORE.CLICK
LIVE-SCORE.CLICK can dissolve the FREE, VIP or PREMIUM contract at any moment with immediat aplication in case of abnormal usage of the website by the customer and so creating possible damages. When cancelling the contract, LIVE-SCORE.CLICK is in legal right to delete the access codes as well as the respective databases disclaiming all requirements of indemnity

Aditional clauses
LIVE-SCORE.CLICK preserves its right to place advertisements on all live-score pages.

The luxembourg's law will be applicated. Only luxembourg's court of justice is to be in charge of any legal poursuit.