tennis scores for everyone !
On the court,
enter your score with easy smartphone - or tablet app:
and view it simultaneously on this platform,
with many many other spectators, too ...
6 6 4
3 7 3
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General Description
The PREMIUM web app service allows to expose an unlimited number of tennis matches on a seperate live-score platform.
A yearly fee of 98,50 Eur is required during registration.
5 sets are displayed. Every match will be stored in the database during 1 year.

PREMIUM XXL app gets a personalized live-score platform. A yearly fee of 195,00 Eur is required.

Programmed matches will be displayed at the scheduled day
Deletion possible in login mode. Matches are displayed in running time order!

Most easiest way to enter score.
- Tip on the score number increases for 1
- Tip on Reset button resets both scores to 0 again
Handling possible for children up from 8 years ...

- Ideal for professional tennis matches
- Perfect solution for clubs, associations or enterprises to manage a lot of matches simultaneously!
- Have a look to important matches on other courts.
- Organize show matches on the internet.
- Use it for high ranked tournaments.