General terms of agreement
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The contract takes effect immediatly after the order has been sent by Email or phone and the admin codes have been sent.
Performances guarantees the full access to the website 24h/24h and a technical reliability of about 99%. provides until 5 admin codes to the administration and operates the first month as a Helpdesk via E-mail for specific website operational problems. The customers informatic installation has to be of proven quality to enable the correct handling of the website. The customer assumes responsibility in updating the database as well as in distributing user passwords to all secondary users. He guarantees his own backup of the database in case of emergency regardless to the webdatabase. guarantees the respect of the secret on the database and promises never to use these data for other purposes than required.
Renting and sub-renting
It is absolutely prohibited to the customer to sub-rent the website or to handle out the admin codes to other people than concerned.
Duration of the contract
The contract of website usage is closed for a duration of one year. In the case however, when nobody notifies to the other part his intention to quit the contract, and so at least 14 days before the expired date, the contract is automatically reconducted for renewal
Billing conditions
The customer guarantees to pay all configuration charges before the contractual period. In the case, where the customer pays all his yearly dues before the contractual period, he will profit of 5% of reductions on the global sum of facturation.
Cancelling of the contract by the customer
If the contract has been reconducted automatically, the canceling by the customer must be signed at least one month before expiration of the current contract.
Cancelling of the contract by can dissolve the contract at any moment with immediat aplication due to late payments by the customer. In case of abnormal usage of the website by the customer and so creating possible damages, will be abled to dissolve the contract immediatly. Using that possibility does not prevent the customer from paying the dues. When cancelling the contract, is in legal right to delete the access codes as well as the respective databases disclaiming all requirements of indemnity.
Aditional clauses
The customer preserves the possibility to put in 3 advertisements on the reception pages for free. preserves its right to put in advertisements on all tournament pages.
The luxembourg's law will be applicated. Only luxembourg's court of justice is to be in charge of any legal poursuit.